When something or someone makes you nervous
stop for a moment, breathe.
Shift the focus of your mind to your breath,
inhale fully, and while exhaling throw out all the nervousness;
not fossilize on what your mind continues to produce.

When something or someone devalues you or your work,
not appreciate you or not recognize your value,
stop for a moment, breathe.
You’re smart, you know what you’re worth and how much you give every day;
the problem is not yours, do not make it so.
Only one who sees your true light and appreciates you,
it is true as you.

When someone attacks you or insults you
stop for a moment, breathe.
And while breaths move to the side, dodging the insults,
lets them go, let them go with the wind.
It is their karma that becomes negative, not yours.

When someone does not do its duty, the one that it’s here for,
stop for a moment, breathe.
We are just passing through and this is just a small moment in the journey.
Everything comes back, sooner or later; we are not the judges of others lives
and even our own.
Do the best you can do at that time and in that situation,
Be the best that you can be, here and now.
Leave that to walk in deceit, in craftiness,
in conspiracies, in rumors, in false smiles.

Make your way to the truth, the inner truth,
treated with deep love.
And if while walking on your way, you find yourself in others’ shifting sands,
be strong and determined.
Breathe, take time to understand.
If that is your way, keep calm and true to your heart;
you will be so in their darkest sands but they will be not able to touch you
because the will to walk in your way is stronger.
But, perhaps, the signal is to reflect if indeed that’s your way.
Your way becomes so clear gradually when you know yourself, when you discover your true self:
born new ways, new hybrids and new possibilities.
We change because we get old:
growing old is the art of knowing.
Go into your soul,
stop, breathe.

Your way is an ongoing construction site;
don’t dwell where the land will crumble under your feet;
look up, an infinite horizon of chances is in front of you.
Watch it, breathe.
Take that decision that is already within you, that glitters,
that when you will look back appear simple and small.
Open the gate and make the first step.
It’s all done.
It’s all downhill.
It’s all beautiful.
And now the breath comes easily, with the serenity in the mind and the heart.

Ma Mangala Ananda



Abha Bajaj is the editor and admin of Galaxy of Yoga E Magazine. She is a seasoned Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist, based in Singapore. She firmly believes that yoga is a way of life and not just a tool for physical and psychological well being. Her deep thirst for deeper understanding of yogic philosophy brought her under the guidance of Dr.Omanand (Guruji) and affirmed her belief that when the seeker seeks,the Guru appears.

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