Category: Yoga Glossary


ishta इष्ट

loved, sought out, cherished ishtadevata: cherished divine being devata: godliness, personal God, ideal svādhyāyād-iṣṭa-devatā saṁprayogaḥ (Yoga Sutra II-44) “Self reflection (svadhyaya) brings divinity in the life.”


indriya इन्द्रिय

sense organs, organs of perception, sensual energy kāyendriya-siddhir-aśuddhi-kṣayāt tapasaḥ (Yoga Sutra II-43) “Self discipline (tapas) destroys impurities and supernatural powers of the body that awaken the senses.” indriyajayah: the mastery of the sensual energy...


ida nadi

one of the main energy channels running on the left side of the spine from the mooladhara (base) chakra to the ajna chakra in the head


jnana ज्ञान

knowledge, understanding, wisdom jnana marga: path of knowledge jnana mudra: the gesture of knowledge – in this the index finger is bent so that its tip is joined with the tip of the thumb, the other...


jala जल

water Jala basti: The yoga technique of enema using water – one of the yoga shatkarma Jala neti:  a shatkarma technique – cleansing of the nasal passages with water by alternating the flow of water...

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