dveṣa / dvesha द्वेष

  • revulsion, aversion, belief that outer circumstances are responsible for unhappiness, hate

avidyā-asmitā-rāga-dveṣa-abhiniveśaḥ kleśāḥ (Yoga Sutra II-3)

“There are five major causes of sorrow (klesha): 1. lack of insight (avidya), 2. ego (asmita), 3. attachment (raga), 4. hate (dvesha), 5. fear of death (abinivesha).”

  • dislike, misconception, aversion, hatred

duḥkha-anuśayī dveṣaḥ (Yoga Sutra II-8)

“The result of aversion is suffering (dvesha).”


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