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Thank you for your kind and sincere intention to contribute to Galaxy of Yoga with your articles and to share your knowledge, experiences, thoughts and feelings on the path of yoga.

Here are the guidelines:
Please read different parts of Galaxy of Yoga before sending your article to us. So you will recognize the aim and the audience of the magazine.

Submit your article and a brief resume of you to galaxyofyoga@gmail.com as a “Word” attachment.

Write your resume in short (two or three sentences), storytelling way and add your e-mail or web address, twitter, facebook or instagram so we can tag you. (Add also a headshot photo of yourself as jpg.)

  • If any part of your work (writing, video or photos) has been published previously, you must inform us in writing—or you legally guarantee our right to publish. (If your work has been published previously elsewhere online, please update the title and the introduction part of your article.)
  • If you have used some information from other websites, books, articles, etc. please carefully state those at the end of your article as “References”.
  • If you use a direct quotation from an article in your writing, please mention the Author’s/ Master’s name in your article and state his/her sentences like this: “……..” And give the exact resource of the related information/quotation at the end of your article.
  • You can send some non-copyrighted photos for your article also.
  • Please share your own experiences about the subject you write. Our experiences make things real
  • We do not publish advertorials, press releases or any kind of article aiming to promote or sell something

Our editors will read your article carefully and share their feedbacks with you as soon as possible. We are sure that your article is already perfect but please expect some edits also. Our editors will do their best to make your article fit the audience of Galaxy of Yoga.

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