Yogi Amrit Desai Talks About Yoga

World renowned Yogi, Amrit Desai, the founder of Kripalu Yoga in the USA, visited out Paramanand ashram and had a talk with the students regarding yoga.

It is said that this world is an illusion. The world is not an illusion. The “seer” is illuded, so the existential world is the world of reality and we cannot see what is at is. We only try to see as we are programmed to see, as we like and
each person is programmed, each soul is programmed and everything the soul experiences in the form of pleasure or pain, comfort or discomfort, addictions or fears. All these come from a sense of “I am my thoughts, my feelings, about my experiences.” Those experiences did not have existantiality. They are only your own creations. That is why it is called Karma because anything that you can create that is independent of the existential reality is the Karma. Then what is the problem with Karma?


We are born; there is a breath, as the breath, prana, comes in with it Supreme Prana. We call it Soul, the soul Prana, and the breath prana, the both enter. Soul is unmanifested but this Prana manifests through the body  and carries out all the life giving functions in our body. Those functions are all subconscious functions, and most people do not know those subconscious, is energy field. In yoga this is called Prana Shakti. Prana Shakti is subconscious and then ego mind that is higher than the prana is called self-conscious.
So we have animal body, subconscious; we have human mind, self-conscious, but we have a divine potential, so how to go to the divine potential is the yoga, and so how to experience that? That is the unique point that I have put together from the Patanjali Yoga Sutras.
Patanjali Yoga Sutras just not say that yoga is perfection of a posture. That will not even be a yoga because it is all about the body. And if you ignore everything else, everything that you ignore is a perpetual conflict with everything that you worked with. That means ignorance.
So how to bring all different levels of consciuoness that manifest through the physical body? Annamaya kosha, pranamaya kosha, manomaya kosha, vignanamaya kosha means body, mind, heart and soul.
How to bring all of them to function as unit on a yoga mat?
For most people when they practice yoga I call it “ego posture”. For anybody who ever practices a posture on a yoga mat, why do I say that? Because while you are doing yoga posture your mind is prepared to be engaged in some form of mental agitation, emotional fictions, some judgments, judging your performance with others, being in competition “I should be better”, all these are called practicing conflicts on a yoga mat, and we call it “Yoga is insane.” But people managed to do that! And all over the world people they do not practice what Patanjali says.


Yoga means: remaining witness to the modifications of the mind.

Sound recording decoded by: Sabrina Provasoli – Maa Sridevi
(photo of Amrit Desai: batgap.com)


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