A Break within a Day – Breath

IMG_0750by Ece Ekincioğlu

There is a brand new way ahead of us every day.
How long has it been since we forgot that every breath is a beginning?

It seems as though we are building ourselves towers, castles and palaces, brick by brick.

We are so sure that everything belongs to us. Everything is guaranteed. We are safe.

Buying, accumulating and increasing, these are our favorite actions. But why is a part of us so unsatisfied, so incomplete and so afraid of each breath?

Every ‘letting in’ calls for a ‘letting out’. And the balance between breathing in and out is important than anything else for our entire life quality and health. We need to learn how to breathe out as well as how to breathe in.

Buying over and over again, accumulating and growing are the things we want most. We somehow feel that we are not strong enough as we are, as our real selves. It seems as though power means buying more, looking bigger, being tougher, working more, being busier, saving more, hoarding more, adding titles before our names and writing more experiences in our resumes. Resting, calming, being less and light… We save them for 2-week vacations every year.

It feels like all the things we buy, all the things we attach to ourselves make us feel crushed, pressured or depressed.

We may have created pressure on ourselves; our breath, heart, soul and even body may have been crushed under pressure. It is impossible to maintain power and health under such pressure and intensity.

We need some space.

Are we ready to let go?

Firstly, breathe out from your mouth, just to relax… But breathe all out. It requires some patience. Wait for a while instead of resorting to sudden moves, hurried expectations or easy solutions. Let out your old breath. The breath you hold inside is actually all of the redundant load which you have been holding onto and carrying with you like a child who never lets go of their favorite toy. You carry it with you, inside you. You think you can rely on it, but it just dust, garbage and sediment. Anything that is meant to survive already stays with us. First step to get rid of the redundant load is your breath.

Secondly, close your mouth, relax your tongue, rest it on your lower palate and let your cheeks relax. Loosen the middle of your eyebrows, let this relaxation spread all the way down to your thighs. Swallow once for your throat and let it soften. Now breathe in from your nostrils… Nice. Now breathe out from your nose, but take your time, just try this for one breath. I know, everyone is too busy. You all have so much to do. But just exploring breathing in and out for 10 times and focusing only on your breath in the meantime without rushing is more than enough to relax your entire body. Believe me, it is not a waste of time.

Maybe a part of us considers itself late.

Maybe we have made bad choices, maybe despite all our efforts, life unfolded this way, just because it was supposed to. Conclusion: Whatever happened, happened. But you are not late. You are where you are supposed to be and you are so lucky to still have your breath. Be aware of your breath, listen to your breath, breath in, breath out.

Trust me, this is the ultimate starting point. Breathing in and slowly breathing out.

When your breath calms, your body calms, too: all your systems from your bowels to your immune system. Your mind calms down, because at that moment, once again, you can feel that breathing out is as relaxing, peaceful and safe as breathing in. Your breath is the only intersection point of your feelings, mind and body. All in one. If your breath is calm and relaxed, you can be sure that you are, too. Because your breath, which you ignore most of the time, is actually “you.”

fotografAbout Ece Ekincioğlu:
Ece Ekincioglu is a 30-year-old yoga lover. She lives in İzmir, Istanbul and works as a Vinyasa Yoga & Yin Yoga instructor. Nowadays, she shares her experience with her students/participators by organizing workshops and courses in different cities of Turkey and in her own studio. As she flows through life with her curious and exhilarated character, she feeds from nature and words the most. Writing and yoga are the two things she can never give up. She shares her writings in her own blog: Yogaistanbul.blogspot.com  www.barakayoga.com / barakayoga@gmail.com


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