Bara Gabzdylova (Maa Bindu Anand)

bara_pic_medAs a scholar with a curiosity for life, Bara left her secured well paid career driven job in the Czech Republic and went off to learn what life is about. This decision brought her to many interesting places and situations such as working as a researcher at a university in New Zealand, teaching maths and English to little Buddhist monks in Himalayas, being a sailor in Asia-Pacific region, establishing marine protected areas in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea and cruising the seas in Indonesian and Thailand on diving liveaboards whilst exploring the beauty of the underwater world.

Finally finding herself at the Paramanand Ashram in Indore, India where under the kind guidance of Guruji, Bara completed her 500 hours Yoga Therapy Teachers Training and started to understand more about yoga, yoga philosophy and yogic life style.

She doesn’t have any blog or websites and is hardly using Facebook, so rather than waiting for her to reply to your email it may be faster to set up a personal meeting, as this beautiful world is small enough for her to cross the oceans for any reason.
You can currently find her working as a scuba diving instructor and yoga teacher in Mozambique, Africa.
Her motto is: today is the best day ever 😉



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