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    What is meditation? For one who has never heard this word or never practiced it, it is not so simple to understand the real and deep meaning under it. It is all...

Volunteering For The Guru/ Guru Karya 0

Volunteering For The Guru/ Guru Karya

Why should we engage ourselves in the service of Our Guru? According to Vedic scriptures, It is important to seek a real Guru to progress on the path of spirituality. It may take a...

Yoga: One Ocean,many small waves. 0

Yoga: One Ocean,many small waves.

My yoga journey began in March 2005. I was depressed. I didn’t know what I was looking for. I followed the suggestion of my doctor to start a physical activity. If I close my...

Difficulties with Meditation 0

Difficulties with Meditation

Why do we meditate? When I began practicing yoga, I did not have a meditation practice. The closest I came to meditation was laying in shavasana, and that’s it. Where I am from, it...

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