The Power of Nada Brahm

by Valerie Naiman
Is thought possible without language? Where do insights & revelations come from? Do you feel vibrations that you can’t seem to put words to? The vedas say the sphota is the channel for primordial vibrations from which the phenomenal world emanates… that the universe was created from the energy of sound. The universal sound current is Nada. This energy pervades everything and manifests the absolute as sound. Indian music originated from the concept of Nada Brahm which is the current of physic energy. The human body is said to have over 70,000 nadi pulses or nerve passages that receive this physic energy. These passages are conduits of prana, the life giving force. The practice of yogic breathing alongside meditation focused on these conduits can be very useful in ones spiritual practice.
guruji photoDoctors were amazed when HH Yugpurush, Mahamandleshwar, Anant Shree Vibhushit Swami Paramanand Giriji Maharaj (Maharaj Ji) had a brain hemorrhage last Spring in that he was aware during the incident and able to communicate what he was observing. His response was quite different than any other. In an effort to further study this and to take time to focus on Maharaj Ji’s health, he spent two months in an ayurvedic and yoga research center. During the time in the research center Maharaj Ji used specific meditations that focus on channeling energy through the nerve passages of the body. The results were quite phenomenal and he will share this practice with you…

Maharaj Ji’s meditation techniques used to channel energy is the touchstone of a silent retreat Nov. 4-9 in Haridwar. This time has been graciously given for Maharaj Ji’s foreign devotees who did not have the opportunity for his darshan this year. Delving into the realms of Nada Brahm, the sound vibrational current of the subtle body, we are encouraged to bring ourselves into balance in order to truly be in Maharaj Ji’s presence.

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Yoga leads to Oneness and total freedom from sufferings.”
   HH Yugpurush, Mahamandleshwar, Anant Shree Vibhushit  Swami Paramanand Giriji Maharaj


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