Kelly Davis (Maa Karma)

kellydavisKelly found yoga during a difficult time in her life.  A regular practice afforded her windows of stillness, when she was able to clear her mind and summon the strength to let go of what wasn’t serving her, at the same time filling a void and finding a connection to calm among the chaos.   Inspired by the work she was doing in a research lab studying the effects of yoga and meditation interventions, Kelly was motivated to bring the beneficial effects of yoga to at-risk populations. Over the last year, she has completed a number of specialized trainings to teach yoga in institutionalized settings.  After spending three months studying yoga therapy in India, Kelly has been teaching yoga on a regular basis to at-risk youth and underage victims of commercial sexual exploitation  at Los Angeles’ Central Juvenile Hall with UpRising Yoga, as well as to a unit of incarcerated women prisoners at Twin Towers Correctional Facility with GOGI (Getting Out By Going In) Yoga, and to a group of recovering drug addicts and alcoholics with 1 1st Step Yoga.

Her private and public classes are centered around restoration, healing, and finding empowerment within; holding space for practitioners to find their own connection to calm among the chaos of everyday life.

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