Laughter Yoga

What is laughter yoga? Where did it originate from? How to practice it? Do you know that children laugh 400 times per day? How many times in a day do we laugh now? Haven’t we been told to get serious and mature in our life. Such words kill potential of inner energy. Guruji Dr.Omanand often tells us that seriousness is a disease.
What is laughter yoga? Its has no definition so it can be absolutely anything. Any situation, when you are happy and relaxed, your mind is free from unnecessary thoughts and you are simply laughing without any particular reason. Your body gets more oxygen and your abdomen muscles work pretty strong, that is called laughter yoga.
Where from it came? Simple thing, from our self, from beginning of this life- from our childhood. How happy we were as a child. Our life was in present moment, we weren’t worried about future, we weren’t considering the past. We weren’t thinking about good or bad. Important was to be happy.
Now people around us keep on telling us that we are adults and can’t behave as a child. What is the reasoning behind that? Why behaving like a child is considered behaving irresponsibly? We can easily transform those qualities into good and helpful habits. No one is telling you to quit your job, forget your responsibilities,dress and run like crazy with bunch of sweets in hands. You should just simply laugh!
How to practice laughter yoga? Unfortunately for many of us laughing has become a challenging job. What a kid can do at any moment without specific reason, adults require strong emotional impulse.
In laughter yoga classes you can learn how by faking laughter you can actually achieve real laughter and joy. After some time you will learn how to bring positive state of well being in any moment of your life. During laughter yoga class you simply lay down on the mat and when teacher instructs“Its time to laugh!” you simply laugh. In the beginning you might find it awkward,that something is not right, you understand that its not real, but you slowly and actually start enjoying it. You have to initially force yourself to laugh in many different ways, you hear others laugh and sometimes that makes you laugh a little bit more real. At some point you start experience pain in your abdominal muscles and now laughter doesn’t need to be forced, it just happens. Other people around you with the same problem in the beginning will be seen rolling on the mat with uncontrollable joy and you can feel that atmosphere around you has totally changed. Now everything is so light and pure, you start feeling vital energy flowing into your body and brain. That’s telling you that that was good idea, it’s worth trying again. You simply lie down with closed eyes and gentle smile on your face. You feel relaxed, your breath is nice and calm, your body is light and mind is clear. You experience joy, simple and pure childlike joy.
Laughter yoga gives amazing opportunity to rejuvenate and reconnect with our inner child. It was given to us as a great birth gift and we can use it as much as possible. Don’t be scared of public reactions, don’t worry how it sounds, how it looks, what other will think about you. People have forgotten how to laugh and you may have amazing opportunity to wake up their inner powers and remind them about this amazing talent. Giving others happiness is simple. It may be challenging in the beginning, but the benefits are priceless. Everyone knows that 5 minutes of pure laughter can extend our life by one year and that 5 minutes of worries take away much more from us. Lets make a simple choice. Lets start laughing! Lets start to be happy!

Author: Katia Donscaia, Masseur Therapist, 200 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher, Vegan, Lover of Nature and Fun


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