Secret Practices In Hatha Yoga

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SameraZagala, (Sananda)Germany

It is evening time on theSaturday of Purnima (Full moon day), September 17th, 2016. All the students of the Paramanand Ashram are called into the Yoga hall. They are all coming from different countries to attend Yoga courses at the ParamanandInstitute of Yoga Sciences & Research in Indore, India. Usually there is no evening class on a Saturday, but the students follow the call of Dr.Omanand (Guruji) and take their places on their Yogamat – not knowing yet what exceptional initiation ritual they are going to witness. These types of ritualsare normally done in secret between the Guru and disciple.

But Dr.Mykola Perch (Nick),the Yoga aspirant who was receiving the initiation from Guruji, wanted to share this special experience with his fellow students. Nick completed his PhD in Yoga under the kind guidance and inspiration of Guruji. He undertook research for more than 3 years, practising, learning and teaching in the Ashram in India. A few more Yoga aspirants also arrived at that time in the Ashram.

In his introductoryspeech, Guruji emphasized Nick’s special merits in the work he has undertaken over the past three years, “It is not easy to leave your life behind, your family, your work and all that you have known so far, to come to India, dedicating your life to the deeper study of Pranayama and following the path of Yoga.” As he carried on, he recalled, the obstacles Nick had faced during his research. Guruji highlighted, “Nick was not just reading, no, he went to many places in India, experiencing all of what he was researching – meditating and sleeping in caves with Yogis.” Above all, he shared his highly valued knowledge with the students at the Paramanand Ashram by giving classes on Pranayama.

Guruji said that the definition of a disciple is a person who is ready to learn totally with full trust and surrender to the Guru. Each of us has our first Guru, our own mother. We surrendered to our first Guru, and learned how to live ourworldly life. When we surrender to the Spiritual Guru, we learn how to live our spiritual life. A true Guru does not bind the disciple, but liberates them. Initiation means that now the disciple is ready to start a deeper practice, learning and spreading the wisdom of Yoga. The learning of TraditionalYoga from a Guru is not easyand sometimes the Guru may take tests to check the sincerity of disciple.

He further said the initiation that Nick is receiving is the very secret process of ShatktiPaat -transformation of Shakti (energy). The tongue is powerful instrument which connects us with the world. The same tongue if reversed can transform one towards Consciousness connection.

The students looked curiously at Guruji and Nick, still not having any idea what is going to happen next. Nick came with his Puja plate (offering of flowers and sweets with prayers) for Lord Ganesha and Guruji, which he prepared humbly.Before starting the initiation process, Guruji asked Nick to take an oath of resolution.He took the oath,
“I will practice to balance myself. I will help people. I will spread the light and wisdom of Yoga. “
After this resolution Gurujiinvited him to come forward.He approached and knelt down in front of Guruji, who started chanting prayer and mantras in Sanskrit.
Then Gurujireached for a plate with cotton, medicine and a razor blade on it, he took the razor blade and Nick opened his mouth.
The Students’ eyes widened with astonishment as Guruji lifted Nick’s tongue and holding the razor blade, slowly and gently cut the connecting tissue of the underside of Nick’s tongue whilst saying special prayers and mantras. He then put some cottonwool against the bleeding. During entire process, Guruji was also chanting some secret mantras.

Nick surrendered by keeping his entire head in Guruji’s lap as a small child would. Guruji blessed him and thereafter marked Nick’s forehead (third eye) with a Tilak (dot of sandalwood paste).
Then Guruji handed a Danda (Sadhu-Stick) to Nick as a mark of his initiation.
Process of Shakti Paat (Transformation of Shakti) was initiated. Nick was blessed with extra ordinary powers by Guruji and was full of joy, happiness.

Full of gratitude and with his face was glowing;Nick got up and turned towards the students, proudly presenting his Sadhu-Stick. Everyone burst into applause.
To demonstrate his strength, Nick poked the stick with full power into his belly, sides and back.With every strikehe was demonstrating the extra strength of his body through some of the Yogic techniques gifted to him by Guruji.

Afterwards, Nick invited the students to come forward and poke the stick against his belly. Students pushed and pressed with all their efforts into his body with the stick, but his body was hard like rock!At no point did the Sadhu-Stick penetrate his body;it appeared his strength had increased tremendously after his initiation.

These moments were very special and unique to witness. As students we were very lucky to experience this rare event where a true Hatha Yoga secret technique was revealed. There was a really special atmosphere in the hall, full of joy and celebration and the presence of Guruji made it an extraordinary moment.

All the students congratulated Nick and thanked him for allowing them to witness this most secret initiation ritual. Now back in America, Nick is spreading his knowledge and helping people, especially with Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome.

SameraZagala (Sananda), is Master degree in journalism, apprenticeship as photographerfrom Cologne, Germany is a successful professional. She is a cheerful young lady full of smiles with a pleasant personality. She took intensive Yoga Teachers Training at Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences & Research in September, 2016


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