Spirituality,Science and Yoga

Nothing exists separately or alone – the universe is full of connections and relationships. All of those connections and every single activity are powered by the energy and Law of Energy. Physics can provide answer, how those relations and their elements are running. Energy cannot be destroyed – but may be directed.

Saying so, ancient Scriptures of Yoga mention Consciousnesses, of which the most prominent is Supreme Consciousness and those may be referring to the levels of this energy of the universe and their presence in human life.

Yoga equips us with the tools to dive into this whirlpool of energy and find ourselves in the same motion as the universe. And there, between the physical fitness and religious devotion there is a wide zone of spirituality and deeper understanding of forces that governs our life. Yogic science deals with manifestation of energy, understanding the energy flow and managing the energy to lead a balanced life. All these are strict science subjects which are taught at the universities and lead to newer research findings. Accepting that there exists a power we can observe and experience is a first step to manage this power.

So far, many of the phenomena that happen to yogic adepts have been explained by science. “The ultimate OM frequency”, releasing traumas through psychosomatic therapy (guided meditation), altered state of mind for healing(Hynotherapy), have all found the explanation in modern science, but so much more is still behind the formulas and tables. Someone has wisely said, “where modern science ends, yogic science begins,” and thus a space for spirituality is opened.

People search – they search understanding, they look for something that is missing in their lives, they want to discover their inner part, they feel that there’s a way to go – so they look for a path. Some of those, who enter the path of spirituality, might have been looking at yoga for physical fitness only – but with implementation of the tools of basic yoga training and dedication to asanas practice they discover further depth. With careful guidance they start to understand the actual meaning and therapeutic aspects – both mental & physical, of asanas, they feel the results of pranayama, they try meditation – and then the process starts.

Depending on the background and attitude one may search for scientific explanation or just accept and observe – but can’t neglect once being involved into the transformation.
Some are being spiritual from the pure nature, some search for “the missing link”, some seem to be very scientifically oriented and are in denial about any spiritual experience, but each has experienced “the feeling”.

Whatever you call it: instinct, intuition, Individual and Ultimate Consciousness, inner vision, genes imprinting – it exists and science, religion and spirituality are in constant search for the answers. I just hope that onto the path of discovery one may find the ultimate answer.

Article submitted by;
Katarzyna Brocka
Currently studying @
Paramanand Institute for Yogic Science and Research

Teacher’s Training Course 200Hours


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